3 Reminders for Stressful Times


Whenever I take myself into a stressful hole, I always really, really appreciate when a loved one or a mentor gives me a little nudge or a reminder that helps to lift my spirits. Life can feel stressful, life can be incredibly difficult, and I know you know that we are all living in a time of extenuating circumstances, stressful situations, and uncertain outcomes.

This of course, is added on top of all of our regularly scheduled commitments and responsibilities. The stress is real, I know.

And this week, I’m here for you! I want to be the friend or loved one offering you a hand to pull you out of the stress hole, if you so need it.

Stress is a huge factor in our lives. In fact, whenever I take a poll of people around me regarding what they need help with, the majority usually answer with managing stress.

Don’t worry though, I got you! Stressful times and circumstances may not be controllable in our lives, but our reactions and responses to them are. Stress management is real, and just like anything else, it starts from within.

Here are three solid reminders for you when and if you’re going through a stressful time:

—This too shall pass
. This is one of my all time favorite life mottos.  Remembering that stressful times or situations will pass is always the helpful boost I need. Remember nothing is permanent. Feelings pass, emotions fade, circumstances shift, and things change. This stressful moment will pass. Give yourself a sense of relief in just knowing this.

—Change your thoughts, change your life. Sometimes we add stress to situations simply by letting our thoughts get away with us. Have you ever noticed a situation that wasn’t really that bad, until you allowed your mind to write wild, crazy, and stressful stories about it? Our minds our powerful, they can truly influence our daily experiences. Take control back, by simply taking back control of your mind. Meditate daily. Choose positive affirmations. Take time to journal. Write yourself loving reminders. Do whatever you need to keep your thoughts in check, it’s helpful, I promise!

—There is power in stopping, and starting again. Sometimes when we are stressed it’s because we’ve taken on too much, we are carrying way too many burdens, and we are all go, no stop. Give yourself permission to stop. There’s healing and beauty in the pause. Life will continue to be ok, when you take pause. The situations and circumstances that await your attention will still be there, however, you will approach them with greater patience, confidence, and ease when you stop, recollect, and center yourself before proceeding. Remember, there is power in the pause.

I don’t know about you, but I feel relief already just knowing that there are simple, effective tools for managing stressful times at our fingertips. It just requires the dedication on our end! I’d love to hear your stress management tips. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!

xo, Michelle

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