10 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

December 20, 2021

10 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

My dear friends,

Even as we are in the spirit of the holiday season, there is a heaviness in the air and a looming feeling of anxiety that resides just beneath the surface for so many of us. Over these past two years there has been so much that has been asked of us, we’ve sacrificed so much, and we’ve endured great collective trauma. Many of us are feeling burned out, overwhelmed, overstretched, and simply exhausted.

This week, I just want to remind you all that if you are feeling any of these feelings, it is completely normal. These are not normal times, and thus our mental and physical reactions to it all will feel uncomfortable and unsettling. But the truth is your feelings are always valid no matter what.

I, myself, have been struggling more than usual lately, and rather than being hard on myself for it, I remind myself that no feeling is ever final, and even this, too shall pass.

One of my favorite ways to lift my own spirits is to help lift the spirits of another. Kindness costs nothing, and it often means everything, especially during this season of life.

Here are my favorite ways to spread love and kindness these days:

  • Being fully present in conversations with other people. By looking people in the eye, and being fully engaged in your interactions, people will feel your care and consideration.
  • Being extra patient with others and allowing extra time for long lines and extra wait times.
  • Sending a loving message, text, or email, just because.
  • Running an errand or completing a task for a loved one who is truly overstretched.
  • Communicating your needs with the people around you, and allowing them to do the same with you.
  • Honoring your boundaries that make you feel safe and whole, and doing the same with others.
  • Releasing judgments for how other people choose to live their lives, and wish them well from afar.
  • Buying a coffee for the person behind you in line, or chipping in for a gift fund for someone who is experiencing financial hardship.
  • Showing and expressing your appreciation and gratitude for the people around you, especially service workers, healthcare workers, and retail employees.
  • Taking care of, and honoring your needs, so that you have the energy and the space to show up for others when called to do so.

Sending you all so much love during this holiday season, and always.

xo, Michelle

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