10 Affirmations to Manage Uncertainty


Hello my dear friends,

Happy Sunday once again!

I feel it deeply in my soul, how difficult these times are for all of us. Everything that we know to be solid and stable, is upside down, and it’s hard to manage.

One of the biggest issues I’ve faced during this time is the uncertainty of it all, and how to manage my thoughts and emotions as they come, minute by minute. We all know that we can never control the external world, how life unfolds, and the timing in which it all happens, but our power lies in knowing that we can choose what thoughts we allow to occupy space in the mind and our actions to it all.

These past few months, I’ve faced some difficult, personal uncertainty. The not knowing, in every aspect of the word, felt impossible to manage. We all have these personal uncertainties, compounded with the problems of the collective, and it feels like there’s no way to manage it all.

What I wish to share with you this week is how we can start to break it down, take this life one moment at a time, and transform our thoughts to help us find a sense of stability in such an erratic time.

The practice of reciting positive affirmations isn’t new here, but I felt it important to impart some of the powerful phrases I’ve been using in my life at this time in hopes of helping you. Whenever I feel anxious, unsure, or confused, I repeat these phrases, when they feel aligned, and they help me to rise out of a negative hole, rather than spiral down.

A small note here on these affirmations though, I know as you read them, they might feel out of reach or impossible. You might read “all is well in this moment” and think to yourself, well that’s simply just not true. I find it helpful to think of these affirmations as guidelines for what we would like to see as reality. They help our minds to feel and visualize what we want and that it’s actually possible. They also help to avoid perpetuating any negative and unproductive stories we tell ourselves.

Remember our anxiety comes from thinking about the past, mostly with regret, and worrying about what will happen tomorrow, or dwelling in the future. So when I say to myself “all is well” even when it doesn’t really fully feel like it, I’m empowering myself to stop, breathe, and think about the actions I can take in the present to make the situation better.

I hope this is helpful and makes sense! Try these affirmations out this week, or create some that feel fully aligned for you during this time.

1. All is well in this present moment

2. I am worthy of my dreams and desires

3. I am strong, resilient and powerful

4. I trust the timing of my life

5. Everything I need is within me

6. I prioritize my self-care and healing

7. I love my life and my life loves me

8. I am the most powerful when I am present

9. In silence I find clarity

10. I am optimistic for what the future holds

Sending you lots of love and support.

Xo, Michelle

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