My #1 Practice for Feeling Free


Freedom. Feeling free. Expansiveness. Lightness. Infinite possibility.

These are some words I’ve been using lately to describe my desired feeling and outlook on life. I’ve been noticing a pattern within my self lately of the strong desire to feel free.

Freedom and the feelings that come along with it can come in many forms, as we know. I recently discovered a practice that really amplifies my feeling of freedom. It’s simple, practical, and powerful, but not always easy to put into practice.

Are you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the big reveal?

My number one practice for feeling free is speaking your truth.

Does this surprise you? Are you curious why I’ve chosen it? Allow me to explain…

If you were to take an inventory of one full day of your life, how many times in that day do you think you haven’t been honest? This can range from little white lies or avoidance to holding back what you really believe. When we stop to look at our relationship with truth, I think many of us would be shocked by what we find. This at least has been my experience.

Like I shared above, I have been craving freedom lately. As we know, there is important information buried under what we desire.

Why? Why have I been yearning for this sense of expansiveness and ease? As I began to unearth this answer for myself, I realized that I had been pushing down my truth for years and years.

I was holding back my true opinions for ones that were maybe less controversial. I had told white lies to get out of things. I have hidden parts of my life that felt too shameful to bring to the light.

The mental visualization of holding back, pushing down, and closing up certainly doesn’t make me feel free. Does it for you? Can you relate to this?

I recently shared a personal story on social media, one where I opened up about a part of my life that I had never even considered bringing to light. One day, I heard a small whisper from within nudging me to be truthful with parts of my story. I had also been deeply moved and inspired in witnessing many women in the world bravely sharing their own stories and their truths.

I knew it was my time, I wanted freedom, and so I shared. I spoke my truth, I didn’t think twice, and I didn’t edit. Mostly, I didn’t care what the reaction to it was going to be (which has always been a huge hindrance for me). Immediately a weight felt like it was lifted from my shoulders. It was incredible. It was empowering. And you want to know what else? The response to my truth was amazing.

People feel like they can relate to you in a more personal, intimate level when you speak your truth from a compassionate, and empowered place. And to be honest, people can generally sense when you aren’t being 100% straightforward with them. We’ve all noticed this right?

When you take the step to speak truthfully, you open up the door for new conversation, companionship, and compassion. Truth sets you free, and urges others around you to feel safe to live their own truths as well.

This week, I encourage you all to take a look at where you could be more truthful in your lives, with yourself, and with those around you.

Who in your life have you been robbing of your own true self, by hiding pieces of who you really are? Where have you been masking your real beliefs, for ones that are more mainstream? What have you been telling yourself about yourself that is keeping you stuck and not living freely? Which choices leave you feeling free?

Take some time to ponder these questions, and be gentle with yourself as you start to explore what it means to speak your truth and live from that space.

I’d love to hear your experiences with truth and honestly, if you feel called to share, please do so in the comments below. Here’s to feeling free!

xo, Michelle

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