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HD Video (1080p) with Relaxing Music of Native American Shamans
HD Video (1080p) with Relaxing Music of Native American Shamans - youtube Video

Hello Peacemakers!

Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life is dedicated to furthering inner peace and wellness by educating and inspiring individuals and creating community through mindfulness practices, online resources, and programs.

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Wellness Series at Boca Raton Regional Hospital

This special series designed to empower women to live life fully is under the direction of Barb Schmidt, noted meditation teacher and mindfulness activist. It will feature Barb and guest speakers discussing a range of topics that can enhance inner peace, happiness and well-being.
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Barb Schmidt

This fellowship aims to provide student leaders with a platform to develop the skills and knowledge needed to initiate, execute, and sustain a social movement. The fellowship gives students hands on experience through peer mentorship and workshops led by social influencers and FAU faculty.
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Master Your Life

Dealing with stress or burnout? Feeling stuck? Sometimes a small shift in your daily life can create a ripple of change. This self-paced, 28-day course will take you step-by-step through the mental shifts you need to make to master your life and teach you exercises for accessing inner peace and strength.
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How I Manage My Relationship with Grief

Hi my sweet friends, I hope you are faring and feeling well this week. I want to talk about grief this week, and how we can work our way through it. Let’s face it, we are all grieving right now. What we are grieving and to what degree varies, but...

Working Through Our Disappointments

Hello my sweet friends. We made it through another week, and I’m so happy to find you all here with us on this Sunday. How is everyone doing? How are we feeling? I know for me personally, I’ve felt a wide range of emotions during our second full week of...

5 Tips for When You are Feeling Overwhelmed

Hello my sweet friends, wishing you a happy and healthy Sunday. No matter where you are reading this blog, you are likely feeling the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic. It’s been an tremendously tough and uncertain week for us here in the United States, and I know worldwide, we...

Remembering the Importance of Space

In the sweetest irony of life, I decided to talk about space, my recent experiences with taking space, and why I believed it to be so important, a few weeks ago. I had some poignant life experiences that showed me the benefit of taking space, and as you know by...

Remembering Your Dreams

Happy Sunday, my sweet friends! This week I hope to keep the blog short and sweet. I had a difficult week last week. There wasn’t just one thing that was getting me down, a combination of all the life’s difficulties just hit me a little harder than usual. It felt...

What I’ve Learned About Making Mistakes

There’s an interesting aspect about being on a path towards self-improvement, we tend to try really hard to get clear, grounded, and aligned, but we forget that we are human beings who sometimes make the wrong choices. Sometimes we can have all the right answers in front of us, and...
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